This way customers effortlessly get their lost luggage back in the future:

Easy does it


Send us your logo and text for your perfect luggage label and A6 brochure.

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itemlost checks that everything is correct and provides explanations if something is not clear.

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Within 3 to 4 weeks you will receive your custom-made smart luggage labels. The brochure will help you to explain the added value of the smart luggage labels in a manner that is crystal clear. You're good to go, hand them out!

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You will see the results of the activated luggage labels in your itemlost dashboard. The customers that have activated your smart luggage labels will receive several emails. With the logo of your company.

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The hour of truth: one of your customers loses his or her luggage...

The luggage has been found. The finder scans the code and this way gets in touch with the rightful owner. Now your company is the hero, thanks to your smart luggage label the customer has his/her luggage back.
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