The Quickest Way to Recover Your Valuable Items!

Itemlost 22 April, 2020 13:27

Life can be complicated but the real pleasure lies in its simplicity. Whether it's during a routine job, a soothing walk or travelling, life's tranquillity gets disturbed for sure when you lose a valuable possession. Some of the most common mishaps include losing your (car) keys, luggage at the airport, laptop, mobile phone, sports gear, or any other item of value. Lost items cause sudden anxiety. Your brain function reduces under this stressful and intense situation. You start wondering what to do next and how to recover your lost item(s).

A great solution to help you overcome the above and make sure you get your valuable item back for sure is itemlost

itemlost provides the easiest solution to recover your lost key(s), suitcase, mobile phone, laptop or any other belonging of value to you. It allows you to recover your valuable items in the quickest way possible!


Register Your Items Now

Just 30 seconds… ! Indeed, the registration of your items doesn’t take more than 30 seconds. 

The itemlost solution is a great way to solve this serious every-day problem for every individual and across any industry. Whether you are an automotive entrepreneur, are the marketing director for a travel company or you are the CIO of a company looking for an easy asset management solution. 


If you are a business; Contact us on 

Send us your company's logo and text for the label of luggage

itemlost will produce and deliver your smart tags / labels including your custom logo design and a A6 leaflet explaining the way it works. These labels will have a unique QR code which can be read through any mobile camera.

✓ You will get a specifically created itemlost landing page and dashboard. You will be able to see the activated smart labels/ tags. 

Fully in accordance with the privacy rules you are entitled to contact your customer via email 4 times a year. 


Lost an item? – Owners

Once an owner has received his/her smart label or wallpaper (for laptop or cellphone) he/she should:

Scan the QR code on the Itemlost tag with their cell-phone camera and register once (takes no more than 30 seconds). Any additional tag, label or wallpaper can be added to your account very easily. 

The info needed when registering is nothing more than your name and email-address and what item you are labelling. 

Don’t forget to check your email to click the verification link in the itemlost email sent to you.  


Found an item? – Finders

The moment of truth… a customer loses the key to the car.

The keys have been found by an honest finder.

The finder scans the QR code with their cell-phone camera, he or she enters their email address and is directly in touch anonymously with the rightful owner of the lost item. The only thing left to do is agree on where the handover will take place. It is really THAT simple!!