Make the most of your mornings this year! This list will help you get there!

Itemlost 31 January, 2022 16:14
  1. Use the app Habit Tracker

This app is going to change your life! At itemlost, we love productivity. We believe that being productive creates more space and time for other fun things in life! Following a clear routine can really help with that. The app Habit Tracker. 

''Habit app that helps you to build good habits, reach your goals. It will remind you when needed, track habits with stats and notes, analyze habits with charts, therefore reach your goals at ease. It is also the first habit app that let you and your friends build habit together by reminding and encouraging each other.'' 



  1. Set notifications a day in advance

When you put an appointment in your calendar, turn on a notification right away. It's very helpful to receive a notification a day before the appointment so that a seed is already planted in your mind so that you definitely won't forget the appointment! Goodbye stress!


  1. Get a good morning routine that makes you happy

In point 1, we already talked about the importance of a good routine for productivity. But did you know that a good routine also gives you much more peace of mind? Not only do you get more done, you can also relax better. By repeating certain behaviors routinely, they eventually become automatic behaviors. Automatic behavior takes less energy. You don't have to push yourself every time, think about every action or find motivation. Your body gets used to a routine and everything will be easier if you keep it up for a while. Think about what the ideal morning would look like for you. Write it on a list, along with what really needs to be done. Also think about very small things, like drinking a glass of water, making your bed and taking a half hour walk. And then, do it! Hang in there, a good start to the day is going to pay off big time!


  1. Take the tram, bus or metro one stop later

Leave home a little earlier, put on a podcast and take the tram, bus or metro one stop later. Of course, you can also cycle to work if it's doable. So before you get to work, really take some time for something you like to do. Listen to your favorite music, record a voice message for your best friends or listen to the radio. That way you have already done something for yourself at the beginning of the day!


  1. Hey finder!

Do you have to get up really early for work? Are you likely to forget something? Often on the road? Make sure that all your valuables have an itemlost tag! Your lost items will be returned to you quickly because the code attached to the tag can be scanned by the finder. This way you can easily come in contact with each other.