itemlost - easily recover your lost items

Itemlost 28 April, 2020 14:19

itemlost - easily recover your lost items

As the famous saying goes, "Nothing is really lost until your mom can't find it."

Losing an item is the inevitable apocalypse every single one of us has faced at least once. The problem with lost items is twofold. Firstly, that – in many cases - the item has emotional value and secondly often also is expensive. Not finding it could mean a lot of emotional distress as often we have grown a special affiliation with it and losing it could mean losing the concrete evidence of one or several nostalgic moments in our life.

Be it the keys to our house, our lost luggage or the keys to our car, losing something disturbs our life - at best to a lesser and worse to a maximum extent -. Though there is no special skill available unfortunately that saves us from losing our stuff, there are some tips which reduce the frequency of such chaotic experiences.  Here are 5 ways which can help you to reduce the number of times you lose something:

  1. Create a checklist

We are living in an era of productivity and there are even several productivity apps that can help us in creating a so-called checklist. When travelling for example make a checklist of things to pack and go through it methodically! Do the same for the stuff you need to bring along to your work. 

  1. Don’t be on time, be early!

Though it does not seem like a deal-breaker, actually it is. In most cases, being in a struggle for time causes us to forget or lose items like car keys, our cell-phone, or luggage. If you are on time, you can easily manage your stuff and ensure you have everything twice or if necessary three times!

  1. Make everything prominent

Make your luggage easy to spot. Use orange, red or any rich colour keychain for your keys. Use a vibrant colour cover and/or tag on both your phone and luggage. Believe me it will make your items much easier to spot and identify.

  1. Never leave your stuff unattended

Don't leave your luggage on the bench while you go and grab a nice Latte from a nearby coffee shop. Don't put your keys or phone on the table while you are eating. Don't leave your stuff stuff unattended. Such carelessness leads to theft or other mishaps. 

  1. organize your items

Remember what is Good Housekeeping? The Japanese call it the ‘5S principle’. Derived from the Japanese words seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, shitsuke. In English they can be roughly translated as sort, set in order, clean, standardize and sustain. The same goes for the items you carry around with you! 

But losing something cannot always be prevented and is sometimes really inevitable. Fortunately, in more than 80% of the time your items end up with an honest finder. Sadly, they can't contact you even if they wish to return your item.

BUT: Here comes itemlost!!

What is itemlost: A QR based services solution that helps you get back your lost item in no-time! itemlost works as follows:

Owner: Scan the QR code on the Itemlost tag with their cell-phone camera and register once (it takes never more than 30 seconds). Any additional tag, label or wallpaper can be added to your account very easily. The info required when registering is nothing more than your name and email-address and what item you are labelling. 

Finder: The finder scans the QR code with their cell-phone camera, he or she enters their email address and is directly in touch anonymously with the rightful owner of the lost item. The only thing left to do is agree on where the handover will take place. It is really THAT simple! 

Order your itemlost tags now on and live just a little bit more hassle-free.