How to ensure your lost item is returned to you in no-time?

Itemlost 8 April, 2020 09:27

Jimmy thought that death and taxes are the only certainties of life… until he lost the keys to his car and house twice in a short period of time. 

Each of us has lost something at least once in our life. Losing an item puts us into a predicament. The same way the finders of those lost items wish to return these to us. However, … sadly, more often than not we haven't left any sign which can lead our luggage back to us or connect us to the finder of our item. 

Unfortunately, there is no perfect formula that can prevent you from ever losing items again but the good news is that there is a solution which increases the chances of receiving your lost items back Big Time: itemlost!

The itemlost smart tags lead the finder of a tagged item straightaway to the rightful owner of their lost item. For you, as a keen entrepreneur, itemlost is the way to build up customer satisfaction to the next level! Especially since the chance that your customer gets their lost item back increases by a factor 4! Research shows that at least 80% of the finders are honest finders and wish to return the item they found to their rightful owners!

How does itemlost work?

The smart tags of itemlost are connected to a secure backend system that connects the honest finder to contact and return the lost item without any fuss. The process is very simple:

  • Finders scan the QR code on the itemlost smart tag with the camera on their phone
  • They fill out their email-address
  • They are directly connected to the rightful owner through a secure and anonymous chat function
  • The owner is a very happy camper as the item is returned!

Why Itemlost?

itemlost is an innovative and satisfying service that removes distress and converts moments of sadness into pleasure as soon as the owner receives back their lost keys, suitcase, laptop, phone or any other valuable that tagged with itemlost.

The 5 most prominent benefits of itemlost are:

  • Win-win situation

itemlost assures that your customer knows  you really care about them. A happy customer is a loyal customer, which, in turn, increases your sales - hence both parties enjoy the benefit of itemlost!

  • Creates goodwill

Using a smart tag, itemlost allows the finders to contact the owners and return the lost item. This would not have happened without you!

  • Branding & customer awareness

Your smart tag will be designed according to your own logo and or brand design. The itemlost dashboard allows you to gather important information like name and email as well as in many cases the telephone number of your customer.

  • Easy to use & privacy

The whole process is simple and easy to use. The finder simply opens their telephone camera and focusses in the QR code on the tag. The itemlost website pops up and the finders email address can be filled out.

To ensure utmost safety and privacy, the finder gets in touch with the owner in a way that is completely anonymous for both. 

  • Saves money! Lost items are expensive

Any item and even the strangest items can get lost. Stories about people that forget their artificial leg or wheelchair when leaving a train for example are no exception. The number of laptops that have been mistakenly left behind somewhere amount to hundreds of thousands worldwide. Often the data in the laptop is much more important than the laptop itself. Sometimes our bag or suitcase includes all important documents related to our job or education. Therefore, losing such an item can leave us devastated.

Make life just a bit easier for yourself

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