Holidays become chaos because of shortage of staff at Schiphol

Gino de Vin 19 April, 2022 14:48

Busyness expected at Schiphol Airport! Travel well prepared!

Are you planning to go on vacation soon? Are you departing from Schiphol airport? Then be aware of the following. Passengers in the May and summer vacations will have to wait longer at Schiphol Airport, according to the FNV. They even predict chaos at the airport. This is due to the fact that hundreds of vacancies remain unfilled at check-in counters, security checks and baggage basements. Since the corona outbreak, many employees, especially in security and passenger and baggage handling, have had to find jobs elsewhere. As a result, Schiphol is facing a large staff shortage. 

Last summer the shortage of staff at Schiphol Airport was already dramatic, resulting in very long queues and delays. Schiphol hopes to get new staff soon, which will fill many of the vacancies at the airport and solve the problems for passengers. 

To still be able to enjoy a carefree vacation despite the possibly predicted crowds at Schiphol, it is smart to be well prepared when traveling. Make sure to check in online if possible, bring enough food and drinks with you for the possible waiting and make sure your luggage is combined with itemlost tags. The chaos at Schiphol Airport increases the risk of losing or forgetting valuable items. Thanks to the itemlost tags the chance of getting your stuff back increases as well! Because finders can scan the qr-code on the itemlost tag, you have up to 4x more chance of getting your stuff back quickly!