Back to school!

Itemlost 1 September, 2020 11:21

2020 has been a weird year. But some things never change! The summer holidays have (nearly) finished and it is

time to go back to school. Your children - like any other kid-  can be clumsy at times as well as

forgetful. It doesn't matter if they go to primary school,  high school or if they go

to college they will always call on you when they have lost their keys or

book or worse their laptop. It is inevitable and the way the world works that they will lose

stuff. We have the perfect solution for you; just secure their belongings with itemlost QR coded stickers and tags. This

way you will increase the chance by a factor 4 that if someone finds back the item your kid lost it will be returned back to you.


Our Service is just as effective for schoolbooks as for any other item that you want to secure. That expensive World Atlas that someone returned to you because it had been tagged with itemlost does not have to be repurchased!!


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