The benefits of the itemlost smart key tag


itemlost keeps your customers happy and you enjoy this even more so! The added value for you and your customers:

Create goodwill

Thanks to your itemlost smart tag, the customer gets a message from the finder when his key is found. You are the hero!

Customer satisfaction

Show loyal customers you care about them by giving a key tag with added value.

Know who your customers are

Use the itemlost dashboard and own data that you can use in multiple ways, for example to email them regularly.

itemlost phone

Your own logo is put on the itemlost smart key tag

Easy to use

The key tag is linked by the customer in two easy steps. For the finder its a piece of cake; he or she scans the smart key tag with the phone camera and fills in his or her email-address.

Protected privacy

The finder does not get to see any personal data from the rightful owner.

Leave your email or phone number and we'll get back to you.


Nice to know

Knowledge is the key to wisdom. And a car-key is the key to the trusted automobile of your customer. They don’t like losing their car...

80% is an honest finder

Did you know that 80% of people are an honest finder? Too bad the majority has no clue as to how to get in touch with the owner of the lost item! Whereas in most cases they would really like that. They would like to give the item of high value back to its owner as this makes them feel good.

Keys in top 3 lost and found

Keys are in the top 3 of lost items. Thousands of car keys are doing nothing in storage. All are waiting for their boss who will never show up. What a waste!

Car keys are expensive

The average price of a car key is 180 euros. When the spare key is also lost this quickly adds up to 400 euros or more. You would rather spend that money on a short weekend break away...